7 ft Christmas Trees

These tall, majestic, impressive 7ft & 7.5ft Artificial Christmas Trees are certainly a sight to behold. 

With most trees featuring rich and bushy foliage they really do resemble the real thing, together with needles which feel real to the touch and in some case are actually moulded from real tree branches.  

All of these artificial Christmas trees have been sourced from reputable suppliers guaranteeing a high-end quality product, suitable for both a domestic or commercial setting. They will give a bit of glamour to any scene, and aid in capturing that magical Christmas feeling we all get when looking at a beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

If you are looking for that tree that will speak volumes then why not pop into our showroom and be 'wowed' by what we have on display. We aim to exceed customer expectation when it comes to our trees so you will not be disappointed.

We can advise on the best tree that suits your requirements coupled with any decorations you might want to add to your tree.

Alternatively check us out online where you can see for yourself the selection available and order online or by phone. We open seven days a week, offer FREE delivery so there is no better place to do your Christmas tree shopping.


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