The Lamzac® inflatable lounger. Lamzac, born in the Netherlands derives its name from the Dutch word “lamzak” which means “a lazy person”, is new, ground-breaking and incredibly comfortable! The Lamzac inflatable lounger is ideal for almost any outdoor activity, the beach, the park, festivals, concerts, hiking in the mountains (any mountains!!) or, even for your comfort, in the garden.

Camping becomes a pleasure when you are guaranteed a good night’s sleep! The Lamzac inflatable lounger does not require a pump for inflation. All you have to do is swing the lightweight bag to fill it with air, tie off the end and there you have it ………a life size lounger.

You are guaranteed instant comfort wherever you go. When you’re done chilling out, just deflate, return to the little carry bag, that is supplied, and off you go. The Lamzac air lounger will take virtually no storage space. Measuring only 17.7cm x 3.55cm when folded can easily be taken as aircraft cabin luggage. The Lamzac lounger being an item of superb quality, manufactured by Fatboy, is built to last. It is made from durable nylon ripstop that has maximum weight resistance of 200kg. When unfolded the Lamzac measures L200cm x W90cm.


Wherever you go, make yourself comfortable. Lamzac® the original is fun & simple to inflate. Just swing the lightweight bag to fill it with air and create a life size lounger. Don’t leave home without it!!!! Before you go on holidays this year why not give us a ring, or, order online now, and get your very own Lamzac lounger sac.

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