Heatwave Tall Infrared Slim-Line Heater

Tall Heatwave heater gives a long steady infrared heat, giving the user a good body coverage of infrared heat. Ideal for many uses.



Heatwave infrared heaters are energy efficient and an economical alternative to gas or oil making them a perfect choice for cutting your heating bills whether in your home, garden or business premises. Infrared heaters produce instant heat without the use of fossil fuels therefore as well as being economical they are eco friendly.

The Heatwave Slim Line infrared Heater overcomes the most significant challenges of heating outdoors. Infrared technology warms outdoor spaces far more efficiently than conventional heaters. Infrared generates radiated heat, much like the sun, so sitting by the Heatwave infrared heater feels rather like sitting in the sun, without the risk of sunburn!!!!!

Infrared works by heating the surrounding objects such as people, furniture, floors and walls. After being absorbed, the heat is dissipated from these objects delivering a constant warm even temperature.

The lightweight, neat compact style of the heater allows it to be moved easily to where heat is needed inside or outside.

Advantages of Heatwave Infrared Heater

  • Efficient and economical
  • Eco friendly – No fumes or emissions
  • Produced instant heat
  • No installation
  • Great for indoors or outdoors
  • Get more & longer use out of any outdoor area
  • Ideal for BBQs & garden events
  • Great for beer gardens

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