Gas Barbecues

Gas barbecues are a great way to bring your kitchen into the garden at any time. In partnership with Beefeater Australia we here at Outdoor Living are proud to be able to offer some of the finest gas grills in to world to you.

With features such as Cast Iron Grill surfaces, porcelin enamel finishing, 100% stainless steel in some models, quartz ignition starts and a host of other small features which separate Beefeater barbecues from the rest. Available in a range of sizes from 3 burner, 4 burner and 5 burner, with the compact BUGG a great option for camping and day trips.

All of our Beefeaters grills are available with a trolley, or if you have an area which is suitable, why not build your own brick base and fit in one of our built-in options for a more permanent outdoor kitchen.

So whether you're looking for a grill suitable to cook for a couple of people, or a whole outdoor kitchen perfect for garden parties with family and friends you need look no further than Beefeater and Outdoor Living this summer.

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