Term 2000 IP67 (Old Model Code)

Term 2000 ip67.
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From the exceptional range of BURDAWTG Infrared heaters comes the outstanding TERM SERIES... "the new waterproof generation"!

 A range of fully water-proofed outdoor Infrared heaters combining the highest quality craftsmanship with cutting edge innovation for a unique & exhilarating outdoor heating experience!

The TERM 2000 IP67 is a fully water-proofed IP67 rated Infrared heater from The TERM SERIES that is perfect for all manner of outdoor occasion..

...from parties to pageants, bbqs & Alfresco dining...homes, hotels, businesses, bars restaurants & cafes all over the country, all over the world are turning on, and being turned on by, the supreme solar-like heating efficiency of the TERM 2000 IP67!

Elegant and compact, the TERM 2000 IP67 has a very high durability of up to 5000 hours of the most efficient and pleasurable warmth and comfort imaginable...even on those cold and nasty frosty evenings!

Versatile, for easy integration in tent & parasol systems, and available as a multiple heater with two or three units....the TERM 2000 IP67 really does have it all!

So go on, up your game and separate yourself from the competition..try the TERM 2000 IP67 today and you won't ever want to go back indoors!

Technical Data:  

  • RCA100 (1.000 W)  
  • RCA165 (1.650 W)  
  • RCA200V (2.000 W)


  • WxHxD: 60,5 x 9,5 x 12,5 cm 
  • Weight: 2.500 g 
  • Color: Silver (Aluminium), Gold
  • Protection class: IP67


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