Creative Ways to Use Outdoor Heaters in Your Outdoor Living Area

By  Outdoor Living  |  1 September 2022

As the temperature drops, enjoying the great outdoors may seem like a distant dream. However, with the help of outdoor heaters, you can transform your outdoor living area into a warm and cosy retreat, even during colder seasons. In this blog post, we'll explore creative ways to incorporate outdoor heaters into your outdoor space, ensuring you stay comfortable and cosy while embracing the beauty of nature.

Arranging Seating Areas around Heaters

One of the simplest ways to utilise outdoor heaters is by strategically arranging seating areas around them. Consider creating a focal point with a fire pit or patio heater and surrounding it with comfortable chairs or a cosy outdoor sofa. This arrangement encourages conversation and brings warmth to your gathering space.

Creating Cosy Nooks with Heat Lamps

Heat lamps are a fantastic option for creating intimate and cosy nooks within your outdoor living area. Hang heat lamps above seating areas or place them near lounging spots. Enhance the ambiance by adding soft lighting, cushions, and blankets, transforming the space into a snug haven for relaxation and conversation. 


Extending Usability with Heaters

With the right outdoor heaters, you can extend the usability of your outdoor space throughout the year. Consider installing mounted or freestanding heaters on walls, pergolas, or even overhead, allowing you to enjoy your patio or deck during colder months. This ensures you can host gatherings or simply unwind in the fresh air without feeling the chill.

Adding Comfort-Enhancing Design Elements

To maximise the comfort and ambiance of your outdoor heater experience, incorporate design elements that enhance cosiness. Place outdoor rugs under seating areas to provide insulation from the cold ground. Provide soft blankets for guests to wrap themselves in and consider adding wind barriers, such as curtains or outdoor blinds, to shield against chilly gusts. 

Outdoor heaters are a game-changer when it comes to enjoying your outdoor living area year-round. By arranging seating areas around heaters, creating cosy nooks with heat lamps, and incorporating comfort-enhancing design elements, you can transform your outdoor space into a warm and inviting haven. Embrace the beauty of nature while staying warm and cosy throughout the colder seasons, making memories and enjoying the outdoors like never before.