Black Friday 2017 Sale
  1. Heatwave Bar Table Heater
    was €550.00 Special Price €399.95
  2. Pyramid Patio Gas Heater
  3. Heatwave Slim Line Infrared Heater
    was €750.00 Special Price €499.95
  4. Rattan Heatwave Tall Patio Halogen Heater
    was €575.00 Special Price €270.00
  5. Mozart Tall Black Shade Heater with Remote Control
    was €500.00 Special Price €199.95
  6. Rattan Heatwave Table-top Halogen Heater
    was €400.00 Special Price €299.95
  7. Heatwave Wall Mounted Infrared Heaters
    was €250.00 Special Price €179.95
  8. Round Ceiling Heater with Remote Control by Heatwave
    was €230.00 Special Price €149.99
  9. Michelangelo Revolution Supreme Heater by Heatwave
    was €620.00 Special Price €199.95
  10. Long Infrared Halogen Heater
    was €570.00 Special Price €334.95
  11. Leonardo Di Vinci Long Ip55 Wall Mounted Grey Heater
    was €540.00 Special Price €179.95
  12. Heatwave Parasol Heater
    was €299.00 Special Price €179.95
  13. Heatwave Under-Table Heater
    was €250.00 Special Price €124.95
  14. Heatwave Square Flame Heater
    was €750.00 Special Price €479.95
    Out of stock
  15. Heatwave Paris Stainless Steel Patio Heater
    was €390.00 Special Price €249.95
    Out of stock
  16. Heatwave Roma Patio Heater
    was €750.00 Special Price €299.95
    Out of stock
  17. Heatwave Roma Stainless Steel Patio Heater
    was €299.00 Special Price €249.95
    Out of stock




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HEATERS.IE is THE heating hub of the 21st Century...hotter than a heating hub home or work heater! ...offering YOU unrivalled quality, choice and reliability and the very best range of indoor and outdoor, electric, gas and infrared heaters on the market today! If you have a space to be heated...HEATERS.IE have the heater for that space... your home or in your office or greenhouse or patio or veranda or terrace or workshop or coffeeshop or restaurant or hotel, boardroom or bathroom, Church hall, town hall or concert hall.... well... we hope you're getting the picture! With a variety of heaters from the most innovative and creative heating designers in the world, HEATERS.IE offers you a quality of product that we're positive will meet your expectations...before completely blowing you away!! From the best the Infrared heating revolution has to offer in the form of BURDAWTG Infrared heaters to the very best in gas and electric heaters, HEATERS.IE is THE place to find the "creme-de-la-creme" of indoor & outdoor heating! So come on in, take a visit and be sure to tell your friends...

HEATERS.IE is the name and YOUR heating pleasure and satisfaction is our aim!, Ireland's specialist in quality heating products for outdoor and indoor use. have Ireland's largest range of outdoor heaters, from gas, electric to infrared.

Our range of heaters are suitable for homes, offices, patio, livestock, restaurants, greenhouses, garages, workshops, hotels and churches.