Wall Mounted Outdoor Heaters

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Outdoor areas such as patios, decks and verandas, where people tend to congregate, can all benefit from the installation of a wall mounted heater above them. This is an excellent way of using the space available to you in your garden is to consider a wall-mounted heater. By taking your heater off the floor, you are giving yourself more space in your outdoor area, which can then be filled in according to your requirements. Wall mounted heaters are easy to install, and most come with an adjustable bracket which moves along the vertical as well as the horizontal axis. Most of our options here at Heaters.ie have multiple power settings for different heat outputs and can be controlled remotely at the touch of a button.

With an Infrared Heater, you can depend on an instant and consistent heat source while you’re relaxing on the patio having a drink with friends. A modern and hugely effective way of heating indoor and outdoor spaces, our wall mounted heaters emit infrared heat which directs heat into the objects around them which in turn, absorb the energy and slowly releases it. Traditional convectional heaters blast heat into the air, which can be inefficient at times as it will often rise away from the space quickly. These stylish wall mounted heaters with elegant chrome or tidy black powder finishes will integrate seamlessly into the aesthetic of your home and garden. Our different IP ratings will give varying degrees of protection from wet weather.

For all your commercial requirements, please contact Stephen Behan on: 085-1778562 or by email at: [email protected].

Please note: we always advise our customers to consult a registered, qualified electrician regarding installation of our electrical heaters.